Oregon Trail Card

The North Plains Farmers’ Market is proud to accept SNAP/EBT/Oregon Trail and WIC and Senior Farm Direct Nutrition Vouchers for the 2015 market season!

Thanks to a generous donation from New Seasons Market funds are now available to match Oregon Trail Card purchases, up to $5 per week per card. So each week, you can purchase $10 of produce while only using $5 of the funds on your Oregon Trail Card!

Your EBT/Food Stamp/SNAP card is welcome at our market, making it simple and economical to bring home nutritious food!

Farmers Markets are for Everyone

Despite having the support of government programs like The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, many families still struggle to put food on the table. SNAP benefits are distributed through the Oregon Trail Card, which is used like a debit card. The North Plains Farmers’ Market processes SNAP transactions by debiting your Oregon Trail Card in exchange for $1 tokens that shoppers can use at vendor stalls.

To help get more farm-direct produce into the hands of everyone, New Seasons Market has partnered with us to establish Fresh Exchange, a token matching program for all SNAP participants.

How to Use Your EBT Card

  • Go to the Information Table that says “Get EBT/Debit tokens here!”
  • Swipe your card. You can buy as many $1 tokens as you like. They can be used to purchase everything you would buy at the grocery store.
  • Now, go back to the booths and shop! Vendors will accept your tokens like cash, but cannot give you change.
  • Hold on to your unused tokens, they’re good for the whole season.

How to Shop at the Farmers Market

  • For the best selection, arrive at the market early. After you get your tokens, take
    some time to walk through the market, compare products and prices and ask
    any questions you have.
  • Talk to your farmers! Booth staff are happy to answer questions and offer
    suggestions about how to prepare and store products, and they’ll usually
    let you taste test.
  • Products are cheaper at the height of the season – ask a vendor when this is
    for your favorite fruits and vegetables
  • Discounts are usually offered when you buy in bulk. Then you can freeze or
    preserve goods to eat fresh year around. Ask the vendor what discounts they offer.

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